Ken Chan and Rita Daniela Perform nice character in “GMA One OF The Baes”

For quite a bit of his vocation, Ken Chan has been known for jobs with dilemmas that add to their expanding level of trouble. “My Special Tatay” and “Fate Rose” quickly ring a bell. One of the baes GMA Teleserye.

In the previous, Ken depicts a youthful dad with mellow learned inability, while in “Fate Rose,” he’s given a role as a transgender lady intrepidly exploring a world that is burdened by bigotry and separation. Ken Chan and Rita Daniela Perform nice character in “GMA One OF The Baes”

Trust us, while Ken is great at what he does, it doesn’t hurt that he’s additionally one of the most pleasant folks in the business.

We appreciated his conversation the multiple times we encountered him. From a separation, we could perceive how hard he did whatever it takes not to make the individuals around him feel that he was a star who should have been gazed at.

Playing the character of Grant Altamirano in the teleserye “One of the Baes,” about sailors, marine understudies and the individuals they collaborate with, isn’t generally simpler for Ken, however at any rate it’s a much needed refresher for the entertainer who’s been needing to sink his thespic teeth into something “fun and lighter,” for a change.


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“At the point when I was doing ‘My Special Tatay,’ I began missing the light and ‘kilig’ snapshots of romantic comedies,” Ken says. “Beneficial thing ‘One of the Baes’ fell on my lap. We won’t simply be indicating how it is to be a millennial; we’ll additionally be diverting the vibe great subjects of the tales portrayed by the well known love group of the ’90s, similar to that of Rico Yan and Claudine Barretto.”

“Individuals state that they feel the Rico-Claudine vibe in our adoration group,” Rita rings in. “I think they thought that it was reviving to see that, in ‘Tatay,’ it was the young lady who was the alpha. That is presumably why it clicked with watchers—they became weary of seeing male characters getting their direction, while nagpapa-sweet ang babae out of sight.”

As far as it matters for her, Rita Daniela, Ken’s driving woman in “One of the Baes,” is a long way from the traditional maiden in trouble. She may look “suplada,” however she’s a cute softie inside.

Furthermore, she’s the genuine article at performing, either. She was the principal fantastic victor of “PopStar Kids,” and has additionally effectively fiddled with melodic theater (“Eto Na! Musikal nAPO!”).

“In ‘One of the Baes,’ alpha dad rin ang young lady,” she reveals. “They’re experiencing serious difficulties making me look poor, kasi hindi kapani-paniwala na inaapi ako (giggles)!”

In any case, for Ken’s situation, he needs to continue utilizing his acting muscles to look credible in the mind boggling jobs alloted to him.

“I took in a great deal from ‘Fate Rose,’ however I was stressed I would go over my portrayal the incorrect way,” he concedes. “I didn’t have the foggiest idea whether individuals would discover me trustworthy in the job of a transwoman. In any case, that entire experience opened my eyes about the challenges trans individuals experience in their every day lives. Presently, I don’t stress over getting pigeonhole any longer. I consider each to be challenge as a bet. It’s an open door for me to demonstrate watchers my range—what I may or may not be able to as an on-screen character.”

Furthermore, it sure looks like Ken is making a stride the correct way. He as of late went to Thailand to advance “Predetermination Rose,” where it’s being appeared, while “My Special Tatay” is being broadcast in certain nations in South America. Not terrible for somebody who was purportedly reprimanded by an on-screen character from another system!

Rita additionally appreciates reviving her character, Jowa Biglangdapa, in light of the fact that it breaks generalizations and misguided judgments about how ladies ought to carry on in the public eye and what they should wear.

“Because a lady isn’t ‘tidy and legitimate’ doesn’t mean she’s free,” she clarifies. “Because you act like a boyish girl doesn’t mean you’re a lesbian. I’ve generally been treated as one of the young men since I grew up with my male cousins. Likewise, wearing a short skirt doesn’t make a lady ‘malandi.'”

The arrangement likewise dangles a charming clash between its lead heroes: Would you pick love over profession? Award lean towards adoration, while Jowalyn organizes her vocation.

In the event that they were posed a similar inquiry, what might Ken and Rita pick?

“I picked profession previously, pero hindi ako naging masaya,” Ken concedes. “So now, I’d pick love, in such a case that you have love, mas magiging maganda ang profession mo. Ngayon kasi, wala akong love, eh.”

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