‘Katsura Sunshine’s Rakugo’ Offers Stand-Up Comedy Without the Standin

Seinfeld, Chappelle, Haddish, Wong: We have a lot of decisions with regards to stand-up funnies in the United States. Be that as it may, plunk down parody, as in rakugo, a centuries-old type of Japanese comic narrating — not really. Katsura Sunshine, the star and chief of “Katsura Sunshine’s Rakugo,” at New World Stages, brings the structure, with light cleverness and energy, Off-Broadway. Teleserye su.

The stage is embellished essentially, with red and white lights overhead and a rectangular stage on which Mr. Daylight bows for the exhibition, in the customary style. A commonplace rakugo execution comprises of stories conveyed with three sections: a presentation, the story legitimate and the climax. In any case, when Mr. Daylight steps onto the stage, something about the sight doesn’t exactly register.


Beginning with the Guy Fieri-style bottle-light hair.

Mr. Daylight, wearing a kimono and bearing the two conventional props of the structure — a fan (sensu) and a hand towel (tenugui) — was conceived in Toronto and is of Slovenian drop. One may enter dreading the twin fear of social lack of care and allotment, just to discover them unwarranted.

Since Mr. Daylight, whose given name is Gregory Robic, is no drive-by devotee. Right off the bat in the show, as though foreseeing the subject of credibility, he discusses going through two decades in Japan and of his three-year apprenticeship under the rakugo ace Katsura Bunshi VI. Presently, Mr. Daylight is just the subsequent Westerner to turn into a rakugo ace in Japan’s history.

Truth be told, he makes an ethicalness out of his fish-out-of-water status. His stories and introductions are loaded with self-censuring humor, putting him in situations where he plays the outcast humorously lowered and humiliated by his obliviousness. They slant charming — carefree, amiable stories like ones you’d get notification from a gregarious gathering host, about exploring unremarkable social circumstances: learning the best possible approach to state “thank you” in a language that has more than 40 varieties, for instance, and the right purpose pouring decorum.

The tales are brimming with redundancy and assemble congruity, however Mr. Daylight now and then moves too energetically in his conveyance, surging us along. A friendly performer, he’s best when he applies the brakes and movements to the crowd, balancing his tone and displaying his energetic impressions and hammy articulations.

There are likewise topical exceptions, similar to “Rebirth,” a unique by his lord, Bunshi, and “Spoiled Tofu Chiritotechin” — the two of which branch away from individual accounts, and Mr. Daylight performs them with increasingly story separation. The advances are sporadically unpleasant, however at last he advances back to the snickers.

Mr. Daylight’s rakugo will burn through various stories every month through the finish of its run, toward the beginning of January. Start to finish, the generation’s gaiety is getting, warm, agreeable and unburdened, just as each yarn is bound with a touch of daylight.

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