Former Actress Marjorie Barretto to Claudine Prove this Story in court

MANILA, Philippines — Former entertainer Marjorie Barretto has reacted to her sister Claudine Barretto’s allegation and took steps to sue her. Pinoybay Teleserye. Former Actress Marjorie Barretto to Claudine Proves this Story in court.

Marjorie Bernandine Barretto is an actress and politician from the Philippines. She was elected to the city councilor as representative of the second district of Caloocan City from 2007 to 2013.

On Instagram, Claudine posted a video of Marjorie supposedly saying that their mom Inday is so emotional so she needs to punch her.

Former Actress Marjorie Barretto to Claudine Prove this Story in court

Marjorie answered to the post of her more youthful sister, saying that she needs to demonstrate it in court.

“Demonstrate this wound story of yours in court. Demonstrate that I have ever attempted to physically harm my Mother. Furthermore, PROVE this was the contention that my Mom and I had about Julia giving 500k in return for the public home. Demonstrate it,” Marjorie answered to Claudine.

“Since it was just when Dad was dead that Julia paid the 500k thus significantly more than any of us. Also, how we more than once Made it clear Julia was not purchasing the Subic house, sometime before Dad kicked the bucket, that was obvious to every one of, all kin realized that, you recorded it in your paper, and you were recording it from your telephone without our assent. You are making up this story. I will See you in court, the remainder of the family will remain by me as witnesses,” she included.

Claudine promised to ensure their mom Inday since their dad isn’t around any longer.

In the video, Marjorie was heard as supposedly saying, “Super dramatization to death si ano, si Inday. Masyado siyang sensational. Baka Musa Pak ko.”

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