Derek Ramsay and Andrea Torres Confirm their Relationship

MANILA, Philippines — Derek Ramsay and Andrea Torres confirmed their relationship that they have been dating and enjoying each other’s company. Both are the leading cast of GMA Network Pinoy Teleserye ” The Better Woman “. The series concluded on September 27, 2019, with a total of 65 episodes. It was replaced by One of the Baes in its timeslot.

In an interview with Pep, the stars of The Better Woman said since they filmed the station ID for GMA 7, they felt an instant connection to each other.


“When we initially met, we previously had an association during the station ID of GMA. We simply associated, we were simply looking at being on-screen characters, we didn’t see that we had an association kami, and afterward something shaped,” Derek said in a blend of English and Filipino.

He said the relationship just “streamed normally.”

Andrea has been exceptionally private about her own life, yet during the meeting, she shared that she was glad. Individuals have watched the changes, she said.

Derek Ramsay and Andrea Torres Confirm their Relationship

Parang ngayon lang din naman ako naging vocal. Ngayon din lang ako nagpo-post nang hindi family or work, sarili ko, kaya siguro halatang-halata (I think it’s only now that I have been vocal. It’s only now that I’ve posted things that’s not family or work-related or about myself,that’s why it got very obvious),” she said.


The entertainer likewise said that Derek was the “nearest fellow” to her now.

With respect to their families, Derek shared that his father and Andrea’s father converse with one another, to the point that there were times it was difficult to isolate them.

His mother additionally converses with Andrea through content. Andrea’s folks had been welcome to join Derek’s family for supper twice.

The two are set to go to Dubai for an occasion, and in spite of the fact that Andrea could have remained in the Philippines, she chose to go with Derek.

“We are more than companions. We’re at that phase that we both have affections for one another. It’s not simply both physically pulled in; it’s more profound than that as in she has met my folks, I’ve met her folks, our folks have met,” Derek said.

Before Andrea, Derek’s latest relationship was with model Joanne Villablanca. The two separated following 6 years of dating.

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