Bianca Gonzalez takes place of Toni Gonzaga in opening night PBB9

Video Watch day 1 Connect Pinoy Big Brother Dec 6, 2020 full episode. Bianca Gonzalez takes place of Toni Gonzaga in opening night PBB9. For a very long time, couch potatoes have been accustomed to seeing entertainer TV have Toni Gonzaga inviting the housemates in “Pinoy Big Brother 2020.”

Bianca Gonzalez takes place of Toni Gonzaga

Bianca Gonzalez takes place of Toni Gonzaga PBB9
Bianca Gonzalez in PBB. Image: Instagram/@iamsuperbianca

But Gonzaga was discernibly missing during the dispatch of the show’s ninth season last Sunday, Dec. 6, and another host, Bianca Gonzalez, had her spot.

Gonzalez felt delighted over her tasks of inviting new housemates as can be seen from her Instagram post yesterday, Dec. 7, where she was appeared in a photograph while outside the renowned “Bahay ni Kuya.”

“The previous evening was a pretty immense arrangement for me. It was the dispatch of the ninth period of Pinoy Big Brother, something we as a whole never envisioned would occur following a year like 2020, and something we are so appreciative for,” she expressed.

Gonzalez then talked about Gonzaga’s nonattendance from the dispatch.

“As I would like to think, no PBB Launch is finished without @celestinegonzaga: the OG, our primary host from day 1, the person who invites us all by making proper acquaintance, ‘Philippines, Hello World!’

But the previous evening, she sadly couldn’t go along with us since she had an incredibly, significant assignment, thus as the most senior in the gathering, I was the one given the lead on the show and all the huge declarations,” she clarified. “It might have been only one piece of a show with countless components, however, it was such a profession second for me!!!!”

With her new task, Gonzalez felt butterflies in her stomach, something she felt unexpectedly.

(I was so anxious, since the evening, the sort of apprehension that I felt during the Big Night yet it was more than that. I truly tried to contemplate my content when it was given, and [I implored so hard] just to resist the urge to panic.)

Gonzaga offered her thanks to her PBB family for confiding in her with the errand and supporting her through every one of these years too, and most particularly the previous evening.

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